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New Jersey South Kennels- Catahoula Bulldog Breeder

NJS Kennels

NJ South Kennels

Home of the Catahoula Bulldogs

We have been a Catahoula Bulldog breeder since 2008, located in Southern New Jersey.We have had 3 successful litters. Our Dam Allie of NJS Kennels is now offically retired as of 01/14/2012 and will continue to just be part of our family. We may decide to get another female in the future and continue to breed.We'd like to Thank all those who have taken interest in the Catahoula Bulldog Breed. We ask that you coninue to send us photos that we can share on our website. We are here to share the love of the breed and keep you up to date on any information.

**Please make note that we are no longer breeding, our website may change slightly. Keep my phone # just in case, while the website goes through renovation.

The Catahoula Bulldog is cross-breed between an American Bulldog and Louisiana Leopard dog also known as a hybrid breed. The Catahoula Bulldog & Louisiana Leopard dog breeds are popular in the Southern States. This cross-breed is not very popular in the Northern states and we as a breeder are trying to educate and show people that this  breed of dogs are amazing and are extremely unique! You can see the photos in our photo section of our previous litter "previous puppies," and see Allie (Dam) and Honcho (Sire). Please keep us in mind if you are looking to purchase a Catahoula Bulldog in the near future for we are the only Catahoula Bulldog Breeder in the Northern states. All our puppies are socializing with other dogs, cats and children. We guarantee you that you will fall in love with the breed as we have done so as well...


     ALLIE- DAM                    HONCHO- SIRE              

(Tri-color Black) Born:08/09/07    (Chocolate Leopard) Born:02/03/08 


History of the Catahoula Bulldogs: The Catahoula Bulldog has been around for close to 100 years. It was originated by farmers and hunters who wanted the strength of the American Bulldog and the intelligence and savvy of the Catahoula leopard dog. See history of both the American Bulldog and the Catahoula leopard dog for a better idea! In the mix they also got some great by products like the Catahoula Bulldog is a wonderful family companion and is awesome with kids of all ages. Plus they are very unique looking.

Below you can view a few slide shows of photos of previous puppies of Allie and Honcho.  They make a good variety of good looking puppies. We updated photos on each of our previous litters to show you how unique they really are. Check out our previous litters in the photo section.

(Album to LEFT) "Previous Litter" (5 males, 2 female)

Short Slideshow- (all these puppies shown in this slideshow have been sold)

(Album to RIGHT) "Previous Litter" (4 males, 5 female) Short Slideshow- (all these puppies shown in this slideshow have been sold)




Breezy- (female), lives in Arizona

Jersey- (female), lives in Maine

Leo (silver leopard) (male), lives in New Jersey

Theo (male), lives in New Hampshire

Mitch (male), lives in New Jersey

Kona (female) lives in Pennsylvania

Leo (tan leopard) (male), lives in Pennsylvania

Baby (female), lives in New Jersey

Lania (female), lives in New Jersey

Tank (male), lives in Texas

Sky (female), lives in Texas

Gauge (male), lives in New Jersey

Zola (female), lives in Massachusetts

Diesel (male), lives in New Jersey

Poncho (male), lives in Delaware

Zeus (male), lives in New Jersey 

Nyx (female), soon to leave for Canada

Truffle (male), soon to leave for New York

Lukin (male), soon to leave for Pennsylvania  

  Catahoula Bulldogs are great dogs for families with young children and other household pets. The most important thing like any other breed is to socialize them as young puppies. Like any other breed if you do not introduce them as a young puppy they will fear new things.  If you would like to receive updated information please inquire by e-mailing You can see our reference page for "References and Reviews". We can provide you more references upon request. ALL OUR PUPPIES ARE REGISTERED (ARF) Animal Research Foundation. The Animal Research Foundation has been registering dog breeds since 1947.     

Thank you for visiting our website. We provide the most updated information on our Catahoula Bulldogs, current litters available and updated photos of our previous litters now/then. If you have are looking to own a Catahoula Bulldog or just enjoy the photos, we are here to share the love of the breed...

Enjoy the many photos of our previous litters and our Female- Allie Marie & Sire- Honcho of NJS Kennels…

Happy Tails!


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